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Product review for Pursestringz. I haven’t done a product review before. Once I put this in my car, I knew I had to. Fell in love immediately. It is so easy to use, much easier than I even thought it would be. I’m telling you, the lady that designed it is a genius!

So many of us have the same problem, with our purse in the car. On the passenger seat, it slides on the floor. In the back, I cant reach. I’ve used the hook for awhile & that was ok. Until my son was old enough to sit in the front passenger seat.

I’m so thankful that this just secures to the top of my center console. The lid can still lift up & down just the same. I like it much better there anyway. Its right there if I need cash at a drive though, glasses, phone etc… I Just love it & you will too!!!

Check out the video on the website . Shows how it works. Then order on with coupon code “diyfriend” for 20% off. Truly a bargain, for the hassle it will save you.


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