5 Healthy Banana Smoothie with Milk Recipes

Do you want to stay in shape and healthy? Try practicing making 5 healthy banana smoothie with milk and drink it.

The taste of fresh banana smoothie with milk can enlighten your day. Create your taste of the smoothie with other ingredients to make the healthy drink and full of flavor.

This smoothie is easy and fast to make. Drink it as the breakfast, lunch, or dinner will satisfy your taste.

Here are 5 healthy banana smoothie with milk recipes you may try to make.

1. Banana Smoothie with Milk and Honey


● 1 banana

● 1/2 or 1 cup of milk

● A tablespoon of honey

● 6-8 ice cubes

How to Make

1) First, slice a banana into pieces and put it in the blender.

2) Then, add 1/2 cup of milk and a spoonful of honey if you want to have a thicker smoothie. You can add 1 cup of milk to have a thinner smoothie or add the plain yogurt to create the thicker taste.

3) Add the protein and a pinch of ground cinnamon.

4) Put the ice cubes to the top of the ingredients and turn on the blender to mix all ingredients.

5) Put the smoothie in a glass.

You can enjoy the banana smoothie with milk as it is or adds whipped cream, slices of banana, and honey to garnish the smoothie for more flavor.

Drink this smoothie and taste the sweet and rich creamy flavor.

This healthy smoothie with banana, milk, and honey is also good for your digestion, heart, and losing the weight if you are on a diet.

2. Banana Smoothie with Milk and Mix of Fruit


● 1 ripe banana

● One orange

● Mango, pineapple, strawberries, or raspberries

● 1/4 cup of water or low-fat milk

● Yogurt

How to Make

1) Peel and slice one ripe and banana into pieces and put the slices into a blender.

2) Add the half of orange to the banana

3) Add yogurt, water or low-fat milk into a blender.

4) Blend all the mixed ingredients until smooth

5) Serve the smoothie in the glass as it is, or you can add one of the fruit: mango, pineapple, strawberries, or raspberries as you like.

Try to make this banana smoothie with milk and the combination of fruit at home.

This banana smoothie can make you stay healthy and energized.

Drink it every day, and your digestion will be in good condition.

This smoothie is also good for diet because it has rich nutrients like fiber, vitamin, and protein.

3. Banana Smoothie with Milk and Spinach


● 1 banana

● 1/4 cup non-dairy milk (soy, almond, oat, coconut, or water)

● 60 grams of spinach (about a handful of spinach)

● A teaspoon peanut butter

How to Make it

1) Chop banana and a handful of spinach and put the chop into a blender.

2) Add the non-dairy milk (soy milk) and top the chop with the peanut butter.

3) Blend all the ingredients until the texture becomes smooth and creamy.

Put the smoothie in the glass and enjoy this banana smoothie with milk and spinach.

4) Drink this smoothie after doing the workout.

Banana smoothie with milk and spinach contains fiber that can help you to work on your diet and good for the digestion. Drink this smoothie regularly and keep the body in shape and strong.

4. Banana Ginger Smoothie with Milk


• 1 medium banana

• vanilla yogurt

• 1 teaspoonful of honey

• 1 teaspoonful freshly grated ginger

How to make

1) Mix the slices of banana, honey, vanilla yogurt, and ginger.

2) Blend ingredients until the texture become smooth.

3) Prepare the glass and put the smoothie into it.

4) Enjoy drinking this healthy smoothie

Banana ginger smoothie with milk has good nutrients such as fat, fiber, and protein.

This smoothie is good for soothing the digestion, nausea, heartburn, and stomachache.

The ginger added can be a natural remedy to mix with this smoothie.

5. Blueberry, Green Tea, and Banana Smoothie with Milk


• 1 green tea bag

• 6 teaspoons of water

• 2 teaspoons of honey

• 1cup of frozen blueberries

• 1 banana

• Light vanilla soy milk

How to Make it

1) Put the green tea in the boiled water.

Brew the green tea for 3 minutes. Add honey into the green tea until the honey dissolves.

2) Add berries, banana, and milk into a blender with the ability to crush the ice.

3) Pour the green tea to the blender and blend all ingredients until the texture becomes smooth.

4) Pour the smoothie into a glass and enjoy drinking this smoothie directly.

The green tea and blueberry in this banana smoothie have a high antioxidant that can protect your body from the bad effect of free radicals that may cause heart attack and cancer.

This blueberry, green tea, and banana smoothie with milk consist of rich nutrients: fat, fiber, protein, sugar, and carbohydrate.

The recipes of banana smoothie with milk below are easy and fast to make. Try these smoothie recipes at home and feel the good impacts on your body.

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