How to Make The Delicious Homemade Almond Milk Smoothies for Weight Loss

Almond Milk Smoothie Weight Loss Recipes

Want to try milk that won’t give you much weight? Try the almond milk smoothie weight loss recipes

In diet discussion, people always accuse milk as the drink that causes you to gain more weight, moreover, if we talk about the milk smoothie with the mixture of other delicious blends like nuts or sugar. That is such a diet-damage that every people, mostly woman with the weight problem, try to refuse.

Milk comes in different types: regular milk, low-fat milk, and non-fat milk. The non-fat one costs more, but it is a solution for the dieters who crave for the calcium as well as delicious and creamy drink. You can also make almond milk smoothie weight loss recipes that taste wonderful as your high-calories desert, so, you won’t feel guilty once you enjoy your foods or when you have a late-night snack.

The tasty but low-calories food and beverages usually come at high prices. That is because the seller claims that all of them made with high-quality ingredients, which are quite high-prices. To reduce your spend and also reduce your weight, why not creating your yummy weight loss recipe by using the almond and the milk? Here is how to make it for 5 minutes:

Almonds Juice and Regular Milk Recipe

Prepare All the Ingredients

To begin this process, first, you need to buy the low-fat skim milk (liquid or powder). If you buy the low-fat milk in powder, then you must mix it with the warm water first.

Also, prepare a cup of almond peanut and two teaspoons of low-calorie sugar. If you like plain milk, you can skip the sugar, and it is better for your diet plan.

Usually, the almonds have been soaked in the water for a night (overnight soaked almond), so, it has a juicier texture.

In case you are craving for other unique taste, you can add some sliced strawberries or other kinds of berries to your recipe.

Blend All The Ingredients in a Blender

Wash your blender, use it to mix all the ingredients. First, pour some milk, followed by the chopped almond, sugar (if needed), icebergs, and other additional components as you want.

Blend them all for around 35 to 40 seconds. Every 10 seconds, open the cover and stir all the ingredients to make sure that the texture has been silky enough.

You can also use the food processor to mix all the ingredients. However, the texture is rougher than when you use the blender.

Pour It Into The Glass

After all the ingredients mixed well, it’s the time for you to prepare your delicious low-calory almond milk for weight loss. Garnish the glass with the mint leaves, sliced strawberries or even sliced almond.

You can also add the oatmeal and make it overnight almond milk oats. However, if you want to turn this homemade almond milk it overnight almond milk oats, you must put it inside a jar and cover it.

Regular Almond Milk Weight-loss Recipes (Lower in Calories)

There is an option of enjoying an almond milk smoothie, with the lowest calories: use no milk. Some people might not enjoy it, but some people claim that it is more fresh and nutty. Here is how to make it:

• Soaked two cups of almonds for about 8 hours or a night

• Stir and press the almond until they become the liquid

• Smash and filter the almond milk

If you intend to, blend the almond milk with icebergs, low calories sugar/coconut sugar, and also sliced fruits

Why are the almond milk weight loss recipes so popular among the world? Not only have the delicious nutty taste, but there are also some benefits that you can get from a glass of the almond milk weight loss recipes:

1. Almond Milk is Nutritious

As it is a mixture of milk and almond, a glass of almond milk is enriched with many minerals, calcium, and also vitamins, especially vitamin E. That is why if you want to have healthier skin, you can consume homemade almond milk on a daily basis

2. Reduce The LDL Cholesterol

A study stated that if you want to reduce your LDL cholesterol by 6% as well as the triglycerides, then you must consume almonds for about 66 grams a day. That is why almonds are useful to decrease the chance of heart attack

3. Almond Milk Can Strengthen Your Bone

Almonds are not only rich in protein, but also calcium. Moreover, if you mix the almond milk with the regular low-fat plain milk, you will get the double calcium that can make your bone getting stronger and can reduce the chance of osteoporosis and other bone’s disease. That is a great thing to do if you want to have the longevity in life and great old age

Besides its delicate taste, there are too many good reasons on why the almond milk weight loss recipes are good for your life. Consume your homemade almond milk at least once a week, and you will feel there is a positive change in your body. Dare to try?

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