An Easy Hack to Make Banana Blueberry Smoothie with Almond Milk Recipes

You can have heaven in a glass with a banana blueberry smoothie with almond milk recipes.

Do you like the milkshake? That is one of the heavenly delicious drink ever. However, besides its yummy taste, milkshake contains high-calories in every drop of it. That is why milkshake is always considered as an enemy for the weight loss program.

If you still want to try how smooth the blended milk drink while running your diet, instead of the milkshake, you can try the smoothie. Like the milkshake, smoothie also has a creamy texture. However, the smoothie is lower in calories and contains more vitamins that are good for your body.

Smoothie is a term to describe a thick and creamy beverage made from blended fruits, milk, and also vegetables. The milk used in the smoothie is usually low fat milk and almond milk, which are low in calories but rich in protein and vitamins.

Two of the most popular smoothie tastes in weight loss programs are blueberry and banana smoothies. Those two fruits considered as fresh and so rich in taste. How about mixing those two fruits? That will be a good idea because not only have a delightful flavor, and you will get some benefits from them:

• Rich in antioxidants

The older the world, the higher the chance for you to get the free radical damage. The free radical can increase the risk of some disease like cancer and can damage your cell as well.

You can prevent that terrible thing by consuming the blueberry fruits inside the blueberry banana smoothie recipe.

• Give you enough potassium

Both banana and blueberry are rich in potassium. As a mineral, potassium has the function to increase the function of muscle and nerve. It is also an excellent mineral for those who own low blood pressure.

The recommendation of the potassium per day, based on the research from The American Heart Association is about 4,700 milligrams. So, a banana and blueberry smoothie definitely can complete your potassium needs a day.

For a more creamy and unique taste, why don’t combine it with almond milk? The banana blueberry smoothie with almond milk recipes is not only has a pleasant nutty flavor but also good for your health. Ready to make it on your own? Let’s see how to do that:

Banana Blueberry Smoothie with Almond Milk Recipes

1.The Ingredients to Prepare

To make this wonderful drink, all you have to prepare is just two cups of blueberry fruits, a banana in middle-size, and a glass of almond milk. You can also add the coconut sugar for the sweetness (but you can skip this for the more effective diet plan).

2. Blend All the Ingredients

The next step to do is to mix all the ingredients. You can use either food processor or the blender, but the result will be different. The blender can produce a softer texture, while the food-processor will make the texture rougher. That is your call on what to choose.

First, put the sliced blueberries to the blender/food processor. Then, slice the banana into many small parts, and put it above the blueberries. Add the almond milk, and you can also add the icebergs if you want a cold smoothie.

3. Put the mixture in a glass

After you have done with the blending process, then it is the time for you to put your banana blueberry smoothie to the glass. Pour it carefully. If you want to, you can add some garnish, like the sliced blueberry or the sliced strawberry. That will make your smoothie crunchier and healthier.

4. Save the smoothie in a jar

Not all people want to it their smoothie in a time. Sometimes, they want to enjoy the smoothie later or want to make it cooler. Hence, you can save your banana blueberry almond smoothie in a jar.

Cover the jar tightly, so the mixture won’t easily is musty. If you put it inside the refrigerator, it can last up to one and a half day. Then, you can enjoy the banana blueberry smoothie with almond recipes as long as you want.

Banana Blueberry Smoothie with The Tropical Touch

You know that tropical fruit like coconut always is the best things to add in a drink. So, you want your smoothie to be juicier and fresher? What if you add the touch of coconut? Let’s see how much the happiness brought by this drink:

1.Blend all the ingredients as usual

As you can see in the first recipe, you can blend all the ingredients except the coconut. So, where to put the coconut? You will see the surprise after that.

2. Put the coconut meat and nata de coco

Prepare a transparent glass and put the coconut meat and nata de coco inside it. After that, you can pour the smoothie.

See? It is easy to make this drink fresher and has a tropical sensation. The coconut meat and the nata de coco will blend so well with all the ingredients.

Now you have known how to make a delicious homemade banana blueberry smoothie with almond milk recipes. You don’t have to buy it every day, which is quite high in cost. So, being healthy is not always expensive. You decide what you want to do.

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