Benefits of Pears During Pregnancy

Pears for Pregnancy


Women and pregnancy are a topic that is always a warm conversation because of the importance of the pregnancy period to welcomes the presence of new family members.

Providing the best nutrition is also often an exciting topic to be discussed because mothers certainly hope that someday children born healthy as their expected.

Pregnant women are generally very careful in maintaining a diet, selective in choosing the type of food because sometimes good food for normal circumstances is not necessarily good for consumption during pregnancy.

Likewise, the consumption of fruit is generally very good but in some types of fruit may not be recommended for consumption during pregnancy.

Well, this time we will discuss the benefits of pears for pregnant women, so then are these pears safe to consume for pregnancy?

Especially for mothers who are just experiencing their first pregnancy, they are wondering if pregnant women should eat pears?
Hopefully in the description of this article can give enlightenment to the curiosity of the benefits of the pear.

Benefits of Pears for Pregnant Women

The fruit with a sweet and very sweet taste is generally preferred by pregnant women. Pears can be your favorite fruit because of their sweet and fresh taste.
And the good news is that pears are generally proven to be safe for pregnant women, and are actually very useful. Pears contain various nutrients that are very important for pregnant women.

Below you will find a variety of important nutrients from pears per 100 grams;

  • Vitamin A 1584 IU
  • Vitamin B6 0.228 mg
  • Vitamin C 57.6 mg
  • Calories 60 Kcal
  • Protein 1.07 grams
  • Magnesium 19 mg
  • Copper 0.228 mg
  • Fiber 3.8 mg

If you see the pears have a fairly complete source of nutrition. Pears contain vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, calories and various types of minerals.

All types of nutrients have beneficial effects and are very good for pregnant women and fetuses.

Here are the health benefits of pears during pregnancy based on sources of vitamins and nutrients found there.

Pears are one of the fruits that are rich in vitamin A.
Vitamin A is needed during pregnancy and is a nutritional intake of pregnant women who are obliged from the beginning of the trimester to the end of the baby’s birth.

We need to know that vitamin A deficiency will be very dangerous for the health of pregnant women and unborn fetuses.

Benefits of Vitamin A in Pears
Vitamin A found in pears will make the body of pregnant women stronger.
Vitamin A will work with other nutrients to form the immune system that is needed more in pregnant women.
Pears are rich in carotene content. Carotene is very good for pregnancy, especially to prevent various diseases because the body of pregnant women is generally more susceptible to bacterial infections and germs.

Vitamin A in pears is very useful in maintaining eye health and fetal development.

Vitamins in pears will help maintain the development and growth of the fetus.

Vitamin A is also very important in the development of organs in the fetus such as improving neurological development and fetal heart health, maintaining the development of fetal organs such as the eyes, kidneys, lungs, and bones.

Benefits of Vitamin C in Pears
Vitamin C contained in pears is one of the important agents to fight and attack substances or free radicals that can endanger the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that can increase the body’s immune system and prevent pregnant women from bacterial infections and germs.

Vitamin C found in pears is one of the substances that can prevent cancer in pregnant women and fetuses.

Improving gum health and general fetal health, fetuses that receive vitamin intake from pears become higher and form the health of the gums from the uterus.

Vitamin C in pears will help pregnant women so that their bodies can absorb various important nutrients from other food sources.

Vitamin C will also help absorb iron so it will encourage the body of pregnant women to absorb iron which is important for fetal growth and health.

Benefits of Vitamin B6 in Pears
Vitamin B6 in pears is beneficial in reducing the risk of rejection in the fetus, increasing the development of cognitive function in infants.
Vitamin B6 is also important to keep the fetal nerves growing properly and normally.

Vitamin B6 also keeps pregnant women who need vitamin B6 to help keep their bodies healthy, maintain their immune systems, and help build blood cells.

Reduces nausea and vomiting in the first trimester.
Vitamin B6 in pears is also important to help produce red blood cells, maintain the development of the baby’s nervous system and the development of the nervous system.

Adequate intake of vitamin B6 will prevent babies or fetuses from developing mental retardation and blood disorders.

Benefits of Fiber in Pears
Pears that contain fiber are very good for helping the digestive system of pregnant women, especially when experiencing the characteristics of young pregnancy.

Overcoming sanity prevents constipation and excessive hunger.

The fiber in pears also helps normalize high blood pressure, so it can reduce the risk of preeclampsia in pregnant women.

Benefits of Copper in Pears
Copper is an important source for pregnant women, especially to encourage red blood cell production and the benefits of iron and vitamin B.

Copper contained in pears also helps in the formation of various types of organs that are very important in the fetus such as the blood vessel system, bone and liver formation system.

The benefits of pears for pregnant women is a very good contribution to maintaining healthy bones and systems.

Pregnant women have very good bone needs because it will be beneficial to support the fetal system and body strength during pregnancy.

Copper also keeps the body in balance, pregnant women generally need higher blood production.

Benefits of Potassium in Pears
Potassium is an important component that will help maintain blood pressure and heart rate. Potassium in pears plays a very important role in helping blood pressure and heart rate systems in pregnant women and fetuses.

Potassium in pears is also useful to maintain the number of electrolytes in the body of pregnant women which is always balanced and in accordance with the needs of the body.

Potassium will make the body of pregnant women more comfortable, not easily tired and protected from abdominal or leg cramps.
Potassium also helps pregnant women to improve the work of the nervous system and muscles.

Benefits of Folate in Pears
The benefits of folic acid in pears will help the fetus to avoid the risk of neural tube defects and contribute to the production of red blood cells, the heart and the protein system for fruit.

Benefits of Calorie Pears
Lack of calories will make the body of pregnant women become weaker and more easily sick. In addition, the caloric needs of pregnant women will be higher at the beginning of the third trimester.

Calories are needed for pregnant women as an energy source. Throughout pregnancy, pregnant women must continue to carry out various activities, including work and other activities.
Energy Sources is important to prepare the birth process, breast milk production, and energy sources.

So, consuming fruit for pregnant women like pears makes it very important to be the main energy source during pregnancy.

Benefits of Protein and Calcium in Pears
The protein contained in pears has a very important role in keeping pregnant women healthy.
Proteins contained in pears for pregnant women have a role in being a source of energy and reducing excessive fatigue.

Potassium in pears is very useful because pregnant women need higher magnesium intake to relieve stress during pregnancy.
Magnesium found in pears is also important to keep the muscles of the body relaxed so that pregnant women are not easily tired.

In general, pregnant women safely consume pears and even get many benefits as discussed above, but once in special conditions, someone might not be recommended to consume pears.

Pears that are recommended for consumption are healthy and fresh and free of chemicals.
If you are in doubt about pear restrictions, consult a doctor to get accurate advice.

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