How To Make Healthy Fruit Smoothies Easily

How to Make smoothies

How To Make Healthy Fruit Smoothies Easily

Consuming vegetables and fruits with a sufficient portion proved able to ward off various diseases.

The content of vitamins and nutritional value in fruits and vegetables is an essential element to maintain our health every day.

That’s why most health experts recommend that every day to consume enough fruits and vegetables.

Unfortunately, many people do not like vegetables and fruits, many reasons for them whether because do not like the taste and aroma or because of other factors.

Fruit and vegetable smoothies can be an excellent alternative to keep devouring fruits and vegetables and taste better.

Although making smoothies is relatively easy but to get the benefits and nutritional content and vitamins we need to know how the right way.

Combining different types of fruits and vegetables is also important to get the most from the preparations we make as a healthy drink.

Good fruit and vegetable smoothies are also proven to counteract and cure various diseases.

Preparation And Steps to Make Healthy smoothies

1. Preparation of equipment, fruits, and vegetables

To make your home-based juice the minimum equipment needed are:

-Kitchen Knife

Kitchen Knife
Kitchen Knife

The kitchen knife used is a stainless steel knife so that the fruit or vegetable to be cut remains clean and not contaminated with the smells and toxins of the metal in general.

With a clean and sterile blade, the juice ingredients are preserved vitamins without eliminating the benefits of the elements.

– Fruit Peeler

Fruit Peeler
Fruit Peeler

Peeler will make it easier to peel the skin of the slight fruit, while for the fruit with thick skin and hard we still use a kitchen knife.




Many types and sizes of fruit blender to choose on the market.

No need to buy expensive we can use cheap equipment just as long as it does not reduce the function and cleanliness of the machine.

-Cutting Board

Cutting Board
Cutting Board

Cutting Board is useful for pedestal when we cut or peel fruit and vegetables.

Choose a cutting board that is not easily injured when exposed to a knife so that the fruit is clean from any possibilities the cutting board dirt.

-Chose Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Instead of Fruits That Have Been For Days or Even Weeks

Fresh Fruits
Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruit contains the benefits of vitamins and nutrients that are still intact.

-For the juice to be made healthy, then choose the material that is free from pesticides.

Although the price is more expensive organic vegetables and natural fruit without pesticides will be much better than those already using these chemicals.

If possible, select traditionally grown fruits and vegetables to make sure they are free from harmful ingredients.

If not possible at least look for juice ingredients with the following criteria:

a. The fruits of imports and fruits are packed for long-term consumption many use formalin.

It may contain harmful chemicals for the health of the body.

To ensure fresh fruits and vegetables look local fruits to minimize the risk of choosing.

b.Choose the color and appearance look good, brightly colored and looks fresh naturally.

c.Be aware, vegetables that have white patches on the surface may be the result of pesticide sprays.

d.Fruit with the color of yellow and red in general have high fiber, vitamin and mineral content for example mango, papaya, orange, and apple.

2.How to wash and peel the skin of the fruit

Washing Fruits and Vegetables
Washing Fruits and Vegetables

For hygienes reason, make sure all the vegetables or fruits to be made water washed out with running water.

Use particular fruit and vegetable soap if needed.

As we know that in certain fruits the skin contains vitamins and high benefit value therefore for such fruit does not need to be peeled.

Included the category of fruit that the peel is good for health are apples, carrots, and other various types of thin-skinned fruits.

Especially for vegetables such as spinach should be wash before cut so that not reduce the levels of vitamins.

3. Combine Different Types of Fruits or Vegetables

The right combination of smoothies can increase the value.

Make variations of various fruits or vegetables to get the maximum value.

Fruits that have a bitter or sour taste can combine with fruit that has a sweet taste so that the benefits of fruit that has a sour or bitter taste are still delicious and the nutrients produced by the fruit can even to consume with a delightful flavor.

4. Immediately Consume The Smoothies Do not Preserve.

Vitamins and nutrients in the fruit are higher if consumed immediately when the condition is still fresh.

Also when the fruit becomes smoothie, then immediately to drink and do not delay or let stored in refrigerant for days.

5. Minimize The Use of Sugar.

Honey as substitute of sugar
Honey as a substitute of sugar

Sweet produced by fresh fruit is much better than adding sugar to get a good taste of various foods and drinks.

Many people add sugar or sweetened creamy milk to their smoothies recipes.

Use of excessive sugar is not suitable for health other than that added sugar juice also allows the nutritional value is reduced even disappear.

If smoothies do require additional sweetness, give a little sugar, but two tablespoons of pure honey are much better as a substitute for the generosity of sugar.

Our body has limitations to be free from various diseases caused by excess sugar.

Use sugar wisely for our health later.

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