A Good Way to Enjoy Kale Smoothie for Weight-Loss Recipes

Kale Smoothie for Weight-Loss Recipes

 Who said the vegetable could not be interesting? Try this kale smoothie for weight-loss recipes

Many people tend to hate vegetables and prefer other high-fat foods. That’s because vegetables are considered as food that has no new tastes. Whereas, take a sip of vegetable juice every day may give a significant change to your life. You will feel how healthy your body and how it can impact your digestion process.

How about the taste? As long as you know how to process the vegetables into some good foods and beverages, you will understand that healthy is not always a pain. Like, having the kale smoothie.

Kale is a tasteless vegetable, but its crunchy texture makes this vegetable become the favorite one in the salad bowl. And not only crunchy, but it is also rich in benefits too:

• Kale is rich in antioxidants, which are useful for preventing free-radical

• This king of the green vegetable can reduce the risk of cholesterol and heart disease

• It is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C and K

However, not only salad, but it can also be a delicious smoothie too! Even more, it is one of the favorite recipes and good for the dieters. So, if you want to have a lavish yet yummy drink when in the weight loss program, why don’t try the kale smoothie for weight-loss recipes? These are the steps on how to make this healthy homemade smoothie:

1.Banana and Kale Smoothie for Weight Loss Recipes

Buy The Fresh Kale and Other Ingredients

What to prepare when you want to make a very delicious kale smoothie for weight loss recipes that doesn’t taste like kale?

First, make sure you buy fresh kale, because the newer the kale, the juicy the texture. After that, also add other additional ingredients like almond milk, coconut sugar, and even sweet fruits like banana.

Why do you need the other additional ingredients? If you enjoy the real taste of kale, having those additional ingredients are not so necessary. However, if you don’t like vegetable and want to have a yummy drink, you can add those ingredients.

Blend The Kale

Prepare a food processor or a blender. You will get a rougher texture, but that wi be good for a glass of smoothie. It is okay to have a blender, but, don’t blend the ingredients too long because it will have the texture like juice instead of the smoothie.

First, cut the kale into small pieces. Then, put it into the food processor. Then, you can add icebergs (if you want your smoothie to be cold) or a glass of water.

Mix With Additional Ingredients

After you blend the kale, put the extra ingredients like almond milk, coconut sugar, and banana. If you use the blender, don’t blend the elements for more than 40 seconds or it will become a juice.

What do you have to do to get the almond milk? You can buy it in the groceries store, in the online store (in powder form) or you can make it by yourself by following these steps:

• Put a cup of almonds in a glass.

• Pour the water into the glass

• Let the almond soaked in the water for at least 8 hours

• After that, filter the milk

How if you don’t like a drink that is too sweet? You don’t have to use sugar as the sweetener because banana itself is a natural sweetener for your kale smoothies.

Pour The Kale Smoothies

After making sure that the ingredients have met the sweetness and the texture that you want, pour it into the glass. You can add the crumbs on the top of it as the garnish, or you can add the sliced fruits. That will be such a heavenly drink.

If you want to drink your kale later or the next day, put the drink to the jar, cover it tightly and don’t forget to place it in the refrigerator. However, since it is the vegetable, you can keep it not more than 1.5 days, so it remains delicious.

2.Strawberry and Kale Smoothie for Weight Loss

You can also replace the banana with other fruits such as strawberry. It is the best alternative for you who want the kale smoothie to be lighter in taste.

Mix the Kale with the Strawberries

Instead of banana, you can mix the kale with the strawberries. If you want your kale smoothie to be sweeter, then you can add coconut sugar, which is tasty but low in calories.

Process in the blender or the food-processor

Process all the ingredients in the blender or the food processor. You will see that the color of the smoothie will be so beautiful, thanks to that red berries.

After you process all the ingredients, you can store it in the jar, or inside the glass. Maybe it is not as sweet as kale-banana smoothie, but it is better for your digestion since strawberry is rich in vitamin C.

Now you know how to turn your natural vegetable into something special. If you see the kale smoothie prices in several restaurants or cafe, you will see that the price is quite high. Therefore, making this homemade kale smoothie will save your money and will decrease the weigh too. Its good to have many benefits at the same time.

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