Low Carb Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

Low Carb Breakfast Smoothie

Low carb breakfast smoothie is perfect for your keto diet. Choose the best ingredients for these smoothie recipes to stay energized all day.

If you are into keto diet, these low carb breakfast smoothie recipes are exactly what you need. If you avoid dairy, you can make the smoothie without dairy as well. You can choose to add water only, or change the milk with almond milk, Greek yogurt, and coconut milk.

Remember, anytime you want to create a low-carb smoothie, pay attention to these three rules: something icy, something sweet, and something low-carb creamy. You might want to use whipping cream to make your smoothie creamier.

The combination of low carb ingredients will make you full and stay energized all day—especially through the summer season that apparently drains most of your energy.

Avocado Green Keto Smoothie

This smoothie is a perfect kick starter. It can boost your energy and maintain your blood sugar. You only need 5 minutes to prepare the smoothie, and it contains only 4 grams of carbs.


● ½ avocado

● 180 ml of coconut milk

● 120 ml of almond milk

● Low carb sweetener such as stevia—optional

● 6 mint leaves

● 1 lime juice

● ¼ tablespoon of vanilla

● Ice cubes


1. Put all ingredients except ice in a blender. Blend in low speed until smooth, about 30-45 seconds.

2. Add the ice and blend again.

3. Taste the smoothie, you can add extra sweetener if necessary.

4. Your low carb breakfast smoothie is ready!

Raspberry Keto Smoothie

Beside low-carb, this smoothie is also gluten-free. The raspberry contains a high dose of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium. potassium, and iron—a complete combination to start the day. You only need five minutes to prepare the smoothie


● 225 grams of almond milk

● 115 grams of heavy cream

● 115 frozen of raspberries

● Low-carb sweetener—you can use liquid stevia


1. Put all ingredients in a blender plus five drops of stevia. Blend until smooth, for about 45-60 seconds.

2. That’s it. Enjoy your raspberry keto smoothie!

Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie

Guess what, we can also put greens in this smoothie. But, if you don’t want to include greens, you can ignore the temptation of spinach or kale, which we find very difficult. This smoothie is perfect for you who want to reduce your blood sugar and cholesterol level.


● 225 grams of frozen strawberries

● 1 lemon

● ½ avocado

● 1 tablespoon of pumpkin seeds

● 3 brazil nuts—you can replace it with cashew nut

● 1 tablespoon of chia seeds

● 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds—optional

● 450 grams of spinach or kale

● 120 ml of unsweetened almond milk

● 120 ml of water


1. Blend the greens with water and almond milk.

2. Put the rest of the ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth, about 30-45 second.

3. Enjoy your smoothie!

Blackberries Low Carb Breakfast Smoothie

For people who want to lower the sugar intake, adding fruit will be great to make your smoothie sweet and creamy. You can add raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, or blueberries to bring sweet essence to your smoothie. Here, we use blackberries.

Blackberries are packed with high vitamin C and manganese. For your information, 225 grams of blackberries contains 30,3 milligrams of vitamin C that helps you to heal wounds, regenerate skin, battle free radicals, absorb iron and prevent scurvy.


● 120 ml of coconut milk or unsweetened almond milk

● 170 grams of blackberries

● 2 tablespoons of shredded coconut

● 2 tablespoons of walnuts or other low carb nuts

● 1 tablespoon of vanilla

● 1 tablespoon of protein powder

● Ice cubes

● Hemps seed as topping—optional


1. Put all the ingredients except ice in a high-speed blender, blend until smooth, around 30-45 seconds.

2. Add ice and blend again.

3. Pour into your glass and add any kind of toping that suits your taste.

Avocado Spinach Low Carb Smoothie

This smoothie only contains 7.0 grams net carb. The combination of avocado and spinach will fulfill your daily fiber needs and makes you full the whole day. The niacin of avocado will help your digestive system and make your skin glows. This smoothie helps you to control the blood pressure and also good for pregnant women.


● ½ large avocado

● 225 grams of spinach

● 345 ml of coconut milk

● ½ tablespoon of ground cinnamon

● 8 drops of liquid stevia

● Ice cubes


1. Place all ingredients except ice in the high-speed blender, blend it until smooth for around 45-60 seconds.

2. Add the ice cubes in the blender and blend again.

3. Pour into your glasses and add cinnamon or chia seeds as the topping.

If you have tried low carb breakfast smoothie from our recipes, let us know what you think. Please share your experience in our comment section. Send us your best picture as well. Have a great day!

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