A Homemade Pineapple Smoothie with Almond Milk Recipes to Make Your Day Better

Bright up your days with the fresh pineapple smoothie with almond milk recipes

You hate your Monday, or other days spent in the office? Why don’t start your day with a glass of pineapple smoothie with almond milk recipes? This tropical fruit is known for its fresh sensation and juicy texture.

People usually love to enjoy the pineapple drink in the form of syrup, fruit cocktail, or juice. However, if you want to have a different sensation, why don’t you try the pineapple smoothie with almond milk recipes? You must understand how chic this drink is and why it can be used in the weight loss program. It is not only easy to whip up but will also fresh your day up.

Both pineapple and almond milk have excellent benefits for your body. Almonds can reduce heart disease risk, high of calcium and antioxidant. While pineapple is rich of vitamins (especially B and C), can resolve your constipation problem, decrease the risk of cancer, and good to reduce the inflammatory. Hence, if you want a natural medication for cold and flu, here you get the answer.

The pineapple smoothie with almond milk recipes is also a good choice for breakfast. You need some minutes to prepare it, and the drink is enough to make you full and ready to do all your activities. As a late-night snack, you won’t also feel guilty because this drink won’t ruin your diet.

Ready to have the drink? It worth your time:

1.Regular Pineapple Smoothie with Almond Milk Recipe

Buy the Fresh and Sweet Pineapple

This drink will be much more delicious if you buy a new and sweet pineapple. The fresh one is juicy, and if you buy the sweet pineapple (usually the honey pineapple), you will get a natural sweetener which is good to reduce your weight and to decrease the blood glucose level. By having this natural sweetener, then you must not add the sugar anymore to your smoothie.

After that, cut the pineapple. This step is quite challenging due to its hard skin. So, understand how to slice the pineapple in a right and easy way:

• Stand the pineapple in a table/ in a cutting board

• Put off the crown and some inch of the top of this fruit

• Prepare a wide and sharp knife, because it is difficult to slice a pineapple using a small knife.

• Follow the contours of the pineapple and cut it by seeing the contours to prevent it from being such a mess.

Don’t mind asking for other people’s bits of help if you find it difficult to release the pineapple from its skin.

Prepare the Almond Milk

Sometimes people mix the blended almond with low-fat milk to make a glass of almond milk. However, sometimes people often make the milk only from soaked almond, which is lower in calories and healthier.

You can prepare the almond milk a day before you make your smoothie. For a portion of the pineapple and almond smoothie recipes, a cup of almonds is enough. However, you can use some cups of almonds if you want to have the almond milk for other day or other use.

So, these steps are the right way to make homemade almond milk:

• Put a cup of almonds and the water inside a glass

• Soaked the almond for 8 hours or a night

• After that, pinch and stir the almond so it will be mixed well with the water

Blend the Ingredients and Prepare It

If you have done with the pineapple and the almond milk, then what you must do is to blend all the ingredients and prepare the drink in not more than 10 minutes. First, chop the pineapple and put it inside the blender/ food processor. Then, add almond milk and a half glass of water. Do you want a cold smoothie? You can change the water with the icebergs.

Stir the ingredients while you process it. After it meets the wanted texture, then you can put it in a glass. Enjoy it while cold, or maybe you can store it in a jar to enjoy the heavenly drink later. It can last up to 1 and a half day in a refrigerator.

2. Pineapple Gelato with Almond Milk

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Everybody loves ice cream. However, ice cream is quite high in calories. Hence, why don’t you try pineapple gelato? Even regular gelato has lower calories than ice cream. The better news is, this special gelato’s calories is smaller than regular gelato. Let’s see on how to make this miracle happens:


• 750 ml almond milk

• Four until five egg yolks

• 180 ml low-fat sugar

• A vanilla bean

• Enough pineapple

How to Make it

• Mix all the ingredients in medium speed. However, before that, warm the almond milk into the medium heat.

• Blend the pineapple, mix it with the other mixed ingredients

• Put it in the freezer

• Take the gelato with the ice cream scoop, place it in the glass. Voila, the magic is happening.

Hence, the pineapple and almond milk smoothie are suitable for all the people, including the pregnant woman. It is also good for the diet during the pregnancy and can also boost your mood. So, why don’t try it right now?

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