How to Make A Wonderful Strawberry Banana Smoothie with Yogurt Recipes

 Your diet plan will not be as more interesting as you have the homemade strawberry banana smoothie with yogurt recipes for your snack.

Wondering how you can be healthy but also be happy? People tend to think that you cannot have it both ways, and that is what life should be. However, nothing is impossible if you want to find a way, for example, having a delicious but also healthy meal.

In case that the raw vegetables or fruits never appeal you, you can make a yummy creation from them, like the strawberry banana smoothie with yogurt recipe. The sweet banana can balance the sour and robust taste of both strawberry and yogurt, while strawberry and yogurt can make your meal juicier and fresher.

Not only delicious, but the meal is also rich in vitamins. The strawberry banana smoothie and yogurt contains vitamin C (from strawberry), vitamin K (from the banana), vitamin B, and good bacteria from yogurt. If you have a constipation problem, this recipe can be your savior.

Hence, ready to have a healthy meal that makes your tummy much happier? Here we go with the strawberry banana smoothie with yogurt recipes

Strawberry Banana Smoothie with Yogurt Recipes

1. Prepare all the ingredients

The ingredients to make this appealing recipe are quite easy to find. These are what you must prepare in the first place:

• ⅓ cup of plain yogurt (use the non-fat yogurt to reduce the calories)

• ⅓ cup of raw strawberries (don’t forget to throw away their leaves)

• One banana in medium size, smash it carefully

• ⅓ cup of non-fat plain milk

• Two spoons of sugar (use low-fat sugar)

• Enough ice cubes

• Blender

Make sure that all the ingredients come in fresh condition. The newer the ingredients, the more delicious and healthier your smoothie.

2. Mix all the ingredient

Cut the strawberries into pieces, then put them inside the blender

• Cut the banana into 4-5 parts, and put it above the berries

• Add enough ice cubes. You can add later

• Pour two spoons of sugar

• After that, add some non-fat milk and non-fat yogurt

Cover up the blender, make sure it is tight enough that the ingredients won’t burst out. Turn on the blender and process the ingredients for about 30 until 40 seconds. Open the cover to check whether it has been smooth enough or it has taste delicious. Stir the ingredients, and you can re-blend it if necessary.

Remember, don’t process the ingredients too long because it can melt the yogurt and make the smoothie feels like juice.

3. Pour it into the glass

After you have done with the blending process, then it is the time to pour this delicious smoothie to the glass. Pour it carefully, use the spoon to take the left smoothie in the base of the blender.

You can turn the smoothie into a more exciting meal by adding some garnishes like low-fat corn cereals, low-fat milk foam, mint leaves, or sliced banana and strawberries.

4. Store it in the refrigerator

Many people want to eat their smoothies later or want to eat half of the portion and then eat it again for a late-night snack. You can do that by putting the strawberry banana yogurt smoothie inside a jar. Cover the jar tightly, and then store it in the freezer. Put it again when you are ready to eat.

The Snacks from Strawberry Banana Smoothie with Yoghurt: Some Hacks That Your Kids Will Love

Being disinterested of regular smoothie inside the jar and the glass? Don’t worry, you can turn your strawberry banana smoothie with yogurt recipes into some fantastic meals, by using these yummy food-hacks:

1.The Smoothie Ice-cube

Use your ice tray more creatively rather than to freeze the ice cube. Like, having the banana strawberry yogurt ice-cube. Pour the mixture into the ice-tray, add the tiny sliced strawberry. Freeze it and put it out. Take the smoothie ice cube into the glass, pour the low-fat milk. This recipe will be the best strawberry banana yogurt milk you can have.

2. The Smoothie Ice Cream

Do you have a difficult time to give your children a healthy meal? Why don’t you try to turn your smoothie into ice cream?

First, prepare the cute molds or regular ice cream mold. Pour the strawberry banana yogurt smoothie, then add the stick. Let it freeze for some minutes, then, take it out from the freezer. Your kids will love this healthy meal and you too.

3. Smoothie Sorbet

Smoothie sorbet, moreover if it comes in light pink like strawberry banana yogurt sorbet, is the appealing dessert for everyone.

Freeze your smoothie inside a bowl, then take it out. After that, pick the frozen smoothie with the ice-cream scoop, put it in the glass. Add honey or sliced strawberry as the garnish. It is such a good dessert for diet.

When you aim to have a healthy diet smoothie from this recipe, remember not to do these things:

Add too much sugar. More sugar, more calories, more chance to get diabetes

Use the high-calorie milk or condensed milk. The condensed liquid is not even a real milk

Add the sweet whipped cream. It contains more calories and fat than you think.

Having a healthy meal never been that funny. So, are you interested in trying? That is all your call.

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